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Welcome to Customizer

What is this?

Customizer is an advanced interface where you have total control over item placement. If you're just looking to make a randomized game and get playing, head over to the Start Playing section.

What can be customized?

  • Every item location can be set to a specific item, no item, or a random item.
  • Keys, maps, and compasses can be placed outside of their dungeons.
  • Every prize can be set to any pendant or crystal.
  • The overall item pool for random items.
  • Link's starting equipment.
  • ...and more!

How do I use this?

Simply click on one of the sections on the left hand panel.

Beware! You can generate incompletable games using this. If that is your choice please don't report item locks generated using this tool.

Here are the keys to Hyrule. Enjoy!

Game Details

ROM build:

Starting Equipment

Item Pool 0 / 0

Randomly Place Currently Placed Item Name


Goal Items
Timer Start
Green Clock
Blue Clock
Red Clock
Rupoor Value

North East Light World

Sahasrahla's Hut - Left
Sahasrahla's Hut - Middle
Sahasrahla's Hut - Right
King Zora
Potion Shop
Zora's Ledge
Waterfall Fairy - Left
Waterfall Fairy - Right

North West Light World

Master Sword Pedestal
King's Tomb
Kakariko Tavern
Chicken House
Kakariko Well - Top
Kakariko Well - Left
Kakariko Well - Middle
Kakariko Well - Right
Kakariko Well - Bottom
Blind's Hideout - Top
Blind's Hideout - Left
Blind's Hideout - Right
Blind's Hideout - Far Left
Blind's Hideout - Far Right
Pegasus Rocks
Bottle Merchant
Magic Bat
Sick Kid
Lost Woods Hideout
Lumberjack Tree
Graveyard Ledge

South Light World

Floodgate Chest
Link's House
Aginah's Cave
Mini Moldorm Cave - Far Left
Mini Moldorm Cave - Left
Mini Moldorm Cave - Right
Mini Moldorm Cave - Far Right
Ice Rod Cave
Bombos Tablet
Cave 45
Checkerboard Cave
Mini Moldorm Cave - NPC
Maze Race
Desert Ledge
Lake Hylia Island
Sunken Treasure
Flute Spot


Sewers - Secret Room - Left
Sewers - Secret Room - Middle
Sewers - Secret Room - Right
Sewers - Dark Cross
Hyrule Castle - Boomerang Chest
Hyrule Castle - Map Chest
Hyrule Castle - Zelda's Cell
Link's Uncle
Secret Passage

Eastern Palace

Eastern Palace - Compass Chest
Eastern Palace - Big Chest
Eastern Palace - Cannonball Chest
Eastern Palace - Big Key Chest
Eastern Palace - Map Chest
Eastern Palace - Armos Knights
Eastern Palace - Prize

Desert Palace

Desert Palace - Big Chest
Desert Palace - Map Chest
Desert Palace - Torch
Desert Palace - Big Key Chest
Desert Palace - Compass Chest
Desert Palace - Lanmolas'
Desert Palace - Prize

West Death Mountain

Old Man
Spectacle Rock Cave
Ether Tablet
Spectacle Rock

East Death Mountain

Spiral Cave
Mimic Cave
Paradox Cave Lower - Far Left
Paradox Cave Lower - Left
Paradox Cave Lower - Right
Paradox Cave Lower - Far Right
Paradox Cave Lower - Middle
Paradox Cave Upper - Left
Paradox Cave Upper - Right
Floating Island

Tower of Hera

Tower of Hera - Big Key Chest
Tower of Hera - Basement Cage
Tower of Hera - Map Chest
Tower of Hera - Compass Chest
Tower of Hera - Big Chest
Tower of Hera - Moldorm
Tower of Hera - Prize

Hyrule Castle Tower

Castle Tower - Room 03
Castle Tower - Dark Maze

East Dark World Death Mountain

Superbunny Cave - Top
Superbunny Cave - Bottom
Hookshot Cave - Top Right
Hookshot Cave - Top Left
Hookshot Cave - Bottom Left
Hookshot Cave - Bottom Right

West Dark World Death Mountain

Spike Cave

North East Dark World

Pyramid Fairy - Left
Pyramid Fairy - Right

North West Dark World

C-Shaped House
Chest Game
Hammer Pegs
Bumper Cave
Purple Chest

South Dark World

Hype Cave - Top
Hype Cave - Middle Right
Hype Cave - Middle Left
Hype Cave - Bottom
Hype Cave - NPC
Digging Game


Mire Shed - Left
Mire Shed - Right

Palace of Darkness

Palace of Darkness - Shooter Room
Palace of Darkness - Big Key Chest
Palace of Darkness - The Arena - Ledge
Palace of Darkness - The Arena - Bridge
Palace of Darkness - Stalfos Basement
Palace of Darkness - Map Chest
Palace of Darkness - Big Chest
Palace of Darkness - Compass Chest
Palace of Darkness - Harmless Hellway
Palace of Darkness - Dark Basement - Left
Palace of Darkness - Dark Basement - Right
Palace of Darkness - Dark Maze - Top
Palace of Darkness - Dark Maze - Bottom
Palace of Darkness - Helmasaur King
Palace of Darkness - Prize

Swamp Palace

Swamp Palace - Entrance
Swamp Palace - Big Chest
Swamp Palace - Big Key Chest
Swamp Palace - Map Chest
Swamp Palace - West Chest
Swamp Palace - Compass Chest
Swamp Palace - Flooded Room - Left
Swamp Palace - Flooded Room - Right
Swamp Palace - Waterfall Room
Swamp Palace - Arrghus
Swamp Palace - Prize

Skull Woods

Skull Woods - Big Chest
Skull Woods - Big Key Chest
Skull Woods - Compass Chest
Skull Woods - Map Chest
Skull Woods - Bridge Room
Skull Woods - Pot Prison
Skull Woods - Pinball Room
Skull Woods - Mothula
Skull Woods - Prize

Thieves Town

Thieves' Town - Attic
Thieves' Town - Big Key Chest
Thieves' Town - Map Chest
Thieves' Town - Compass Chest
Thieves' Town - Ambush Chest
Thieves' Town - Big Chest
Thieves' Town - Blind's Cell
Thieves' Town - Blind
Thieves' Town - Prize

Ice Palace

Ice Palace - Big Key Chest
Ice Palace - Compass Chest
Ice Palace - Map Chest
Ice Palace - Spike Room
Ice Palace - Freezor Chest
Ice Palace - Iced T Room
Ice Palace - Big Chest
Ice Palace - Kholdstare
Ice Palace - Prize

Misery Mire

Misery Mire - Big Chest
Misery Mire - Main Lobby
Misery Mire - Big Key Chest
Misery Mire - Compass Chest
Misery Mire - Bridge Chest
Misery Mire - Map Chest
Misery Mire - Spike Chest
Misery Mire - Vitreous
Misery Mire - Prize

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock - Chain Chomps
Turtle Rock - Compass Chest
Turtle Rock - Roller Room - Left
Turtle Rock - Roller Room - Right
Turtle Rock - Big Chest
Turtle Rock - Big Key Chest
Turtle Rock - Crystaroller Room
Turtle Rock - Eye Bridge - Bottom Left
Turtle Rock - Eye Bridge - Bottom Right
Turtle Rock - Eye Bridge - Top Left
Turtle Rock - Eye Bridge - Top Right
Turtle Rock - Trinexx
Turtle Rock - Prize

Ganons Tower

Ganon's Tower - Bob's Torch
Ganon's Tower - DMs Room - Top Left
Ganon's Tower - DMs Room - Top Right
Ganon's Tower - DMs Room - Bottom Left
Ganon's Tower - DMs Room - Bottom Right
Ganon's Tower - Randomizer Room - Top Left
Ganon's Tower - Randomizer Room - Top Right
Ganon's Tower - Randomizer Room - Bottom Left
Ganon's Tower - Randomizer Room - Bottom Right
Ganon's Tower - Firesnake Room
Ganon's Tower - Map Chest
Ganon's Tower - Big Chest
Ganon's Tower - Hope Room - Left
Ganon's Tower - Hope Room - Right
Ganon's Tower - Bob's Chest
Ganon's Tower - Tile Room
Ganon's Tower - Compass Room - Top Left
Ganon's Tower - Compass Room - Top Right
Ganon's Tower - Compass Room - Bottom Left
Ganon's Tower - Compass Room - Bottom Right
Ganon's Tower - Big Key Chest
Ganon's Tower - Big Key Room - Left
Ganon's Tower - Big Key Room - Right
Ganon's Tower - Mini Helmasaur Room - Left
Ganon's Tower - Mini Helmasaur Room - Right
Ganon's Tower - Pre-Moldorm Chest
Ganon's Tower - Moldorm Chest


Turtle Rock Medallion
Misery Mire Medallion


Waterfall Bottle
Pyramid Bottle