Organized Play


Most races are done through or Be sure to check them out for more info on how to get in on the action!

Weekly Standard Mode Race, Saturdays at 3pm US Eastern Time

The premier community event, the weekly race has many competitors!

Weekly Open Mode Race, Sundays at 5pm US Eastern Time

Join us Sundays for another popular weekly community race.

The Community Nightly Race, 10pm US Eastern Time

We also have a nightly race for anyone looking to play every day!

Pickup Races

Scheduled races not fitting in with your schedule? Looking to race with some more uncommon options? Join a pickup race! You’ll find willing players at all hours of the day. Join the #race-planning channel in our Discord!


With so much going on, there’s always a race to watch! Follow these networks and never miss a match!

ALttP:R Twitch Community

Racing Networks

Racing is typically done on a racing network. These sites facilitate in organizing races, adding an official timer, and making it easier for both racers and viewers to find races.

Be sure to check out both and for more info!


Join us for exciting tournament action with expert commentary alongside elite play!

Twice-Yearly Invitational Tournament

Witness the best racers compete for the trophy! Think you have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the best? Join Discord and keep an eye out for qualifying races!

The Spring Invitational runs from March to June.

The Fall Invitational runs from September to December.